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Meet The Doula

Having grown up with a midwife as a mother, Clarabel developed an early interest in pregnancy and birth. She was born at home, in a one-room studio apartment here in Santa Cruz, CA. 

Clarabel is passionate about bodily autonomy, and helping all birthing people to have control over their own bodies. Labor and birth is a sacred time in a person's life, and the process should be one of empowerment, love, connection, and informed consent on every step of the way. 

Clarabel is training to be a DONA certified doula, and is knowledgable on breastfeeding, meditation, and the Yoga Birth Method. Other services can include: aromatherapy, accupressure, intention setting/mantra work, and spiritual awakening through birth. 

Clarabel Moes is a recent graduate of UC Santa Cruz where she double majored in Sociology and Critical Race & Ethnic Studies. 

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