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Butterfly Birth provides three different areas of care within our package. Additional services are available upon request.

Image by Enrique Guzmán Egas

Prenatal Care

The doula package includes three one-on-one prenatal visits. The first visit is an interview, where we will get to know each other and decide if it will be a good fit for us both. During the second two visits, we will dive much deeper into your emotional, physical, and spiritual journey as you move through pregnancy towards birth. We will make a birth plan, discuss comfort measures, preferences for pain management, and more. 

Image by Olivia Anne Snyder

Birth Care

The doula is able to arrive during early labor, and will stay with you until after the baby is born, should you desire. Whether at a hospital, birth center, or at home, the doula is there with you through it all, providing comfort, care, guidance to your partner, and advocating for you, your choices, and your birth plan. No matter the birth outcome, the doula is there provide unwavering support, love, and groundedness. 

Image by Hu Chen

Postpartum Care

The doula package includes one postpartum visit. During this visit, we will debrief about your birth. We will discuss and unpack any thoughts and emotions that may arise for you regarding your birth story. We will check in about breastfeeding, healing, and whatever else is relevant to your process as the mama of this new baby. Meal prep, cleaning, and further postpartum care is available upon request.

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